Honorary President: Paolo Fucci – info@bicchi.it
Managing Director: Antonio Di Meco – info@bicchi.it
CEO: Alessandro Fucci - alessandro.fucci@bicchi.it
CFO: Giacomo Fucci – amministrazione@bicchi.it
Production Plants Director: Luigi Fucci – info@bicchi.it

Offices department

Export office sales manager: Fulvia Mori – fulvia@bicchi.it
Foreign commercial office: Alessandro Tagliaferri – alessandro@bicchi.it
Commercial Italy: Patrizio Tiezzi – patrizio.tiezzi@bicchi.it
Commercial Italy: Paolo Ciofini – ciofini@bicchi.it
Commercial Italy: Sandro Sarri – sarri@bicchi.it

Technical department

Production Director: Lucio Lancini – produzione@bicchi.it
Head of Technical Office: Matteo Fucci – tecnico@bicchi.it
Service and Spare Parts: Valerio Flori – assistenza@bicchi.it
Purchasing Office: Andrea Lancini – andrea@bicchi.it